Friday, October 24, 2008


Just came back from a hk dessert place with SARs..Also took some nice pictures of a really really old school Datson 240z aka first "fairlady z"

O-M-G i saw the porsche panamera at nob hill today. It was unbelievable, i didn't believe it myself. I thought this car was going to release next year but i guess not. There was some concept cover over the trunk but that shit didn't fool me at all. It's a four door porsche which was the instant give away. Anyways, it was a really exciting encounter, very much like the time when i spotted the first pre-release Lexus IS-F. I think being able to spot these incredible car is so much fun.
While doing research,I stumbled upon a quite unexpected headline local news on yahoo. From yesterday's post, i wrote something about RV taco stands, today i find something shocking about RV taco stands. I mean what a coincidence, a proud owner of a RV taco stand was murdered and robbed. I guess owners of RV taco stands not only have to deal with the corporate America but also low-life people from the hood. The article, "Brothers convicted of Oakland taco truck slaying"
After driving my mom to work, i got myself some Starbucks coffee. Nothing special, just plain ol coffee, sugar and cream. With my daily dose of coffee, it helps me focus on school work


bbychynadoll said...

man, i hear those taco trucks r the shizzzzzznitzzz .. go try em out .. there's tons of em on el camino

MattMatt said...

No more going secret agent mode and finding the dipset kid???

Danny Tan said...

I been to one of them taco stands near 3rd street. They're hella rip off...especially when they put up the $1 taco sign...guess what!??! them $1 taco is the same size as my palm and their just miniature soft tacos...because of that scam i never went back again...And about catching the kids, i didn't see them today, i think they might of got a day off of school or something

MattMatt said...

oh haha...isabelle had some teacher thing on friday, so she had no school either, and look at SAR man ..that's how he looked like in my picture o_o