Sunday, October 12, 2008


Update on my foot. My foot is feeling much better, not much pain left but still got a little tingling/small burning sensation. Besides that, i think i will rest a few more days, for a full recovery, before getting back into my triathlon training. On the other hand, i am currently studying for an exam and preparing for a class presentation. I'm actually not even stressed or worried about them, don't know why but feel like i'm slacking off. O'l well, as long as i can get a B and above right!?!?

I still couldn't figure out how to extract images from my camera phone onto my computer. Thus for, no image update. Besides the camera issue, we just ate dimsum near millbre. Nothing too exiting because everyone seems to be a little sick and cold, fall weather is coming = (


bbychynadoll said...

Maybe it's time for some new shoes to break in for training! You got a new phone? I thought that was Matt's haha

Danny Tan said...

Yup got a new phone, bought it off of some dude on craigslists. I got it for kinda of cheap and it is in like-new condition. Even though i just bought this phone a few days ago, i might be getting another one LOL. It's a sony cybershot camera phone, how coOl!?!? Oh ya cindy, you can be my sponsor for a new shoe =]