Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Started off the day with a tall starbucks coffee and a croissant. For the rest of the day, I basically typed up a whole research presentation paper and searched for sources. Within a hour after the final touch ups, i've presented the thing as is. This was the first time i've ever winged a presentation and wrote the paper on the same day, crazy right?! Somehow i had a feeling that i did alright and wasn't even nervous while doing the presentation. Am i just slacking off or are higher level classes becoming more easy??? Anyways, i wore on a new sweater for the presentation, hopefully to score some extra points. "Dress to impress" right!
The class was so boring that only 6-8 people stayed in class, out of 25 students. I mean this teacher is somewhat interesting but her monotone voice just drive people to sleep or make people wanting to leave between the 10 minutes break, from the 3 hour lecture.

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jewazi said...

i see that gay nigga SARS in the background