Saturday, October 11, 2008


Went to Japan town for lunch today, at Isobune aka sushi boat. The food was awesome, my mom said it was her first time there and she felt like she was on one of those tvb touring around the world shows about international+culture food. After chowing down some good ol seafood, we just walked into several boutique shops and saw if there was an potential pick ups. Apprently, my moma said things from china is better and cheaper(typical chinese lady). Anyways, we chilled a little bit at mattmatt's place and played a little bit of ol school smash bro.
Blog pictures will now be powered by a 2.0 mega pixel camera phone(Sony Ericsson w580i). With this new phone, i will be able to take higher resolution images and even videos!?! "movin on up, moOovin on up"

Had a little bit of too much sippy sippy and gotten a little bit tippy tippy, that's why i couldn't update what happen at the rest of the wedding/banquet. So here's yesterday's recap. We ate at New Asia, the food wasn't as bad as when they serve dim sum in the mourning. Aside from the edible goods, the dance floor was the best entertainment of the night. The newleyweds had their first dance, to a song like momboe, unlike white people with some slowjam. After they performed the first dance, there were a bunch of people participating on the dance floor. I mean it's like literally like a "Senior(citizen) High School Muscial" reunion or something, everyone was like over the age of 50, still dancing like they did in the 70's. It was just hilarious, they did something like the michael jackson thriller, because every one danced to the same step, rhythem and gesture. They even went to the extent to turn on the disco ball and dimming the table lights. In addition, i found it surprising there was a live band and singer, performing throughout the wedding. Nevertheless, the night was fun and took some pictures?!?!

It was cool that I had the time to catchup with my cousin's twin sons, I assume they're called my nephews, and my older cousins. It was interesting that so many things have changed since my grandpa passed, which really separated the close relation of my dad's side of the family/relatives. But it's still ok now, since yesterday we had a lot of chitchat and talked about stupid stuff. What surprised me was that my cousin Ken said he recently opened a new business and told me to hop on board and become his manager. I was like OTAY, but of course after graduation =]

Sidenote: When i was wondering why the food were coming so slow to the table, check what saw. The waiters were dancing along to the momboe, it was just ridiculous. I even have hard evidence to get them fired. Needless to say, the wedding was quite ghetto.

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