Thursday, October 16, 2008


Just came back from the "Goridebicycle", in redwood city, to try out the Cannondale carbon synapse 3 SL and the Specialize Roubaix. Between those two bikes, i preferred the cannondale because of the smoother operation and the look. Anyways, still checking out other bikes before planning to actually buy one, since it cost ALOT of money.
Mourning cruise down the wharf

So from my mourning browse on the web, i found something extremely funny. Before i bring this topic up, i am not a racist, i lived most of my life near 3rd street. Ok back on to the topic, it's about the '08 election of Obama and McCain. After watching this video clip, i was like "when did white people become so scared of black people?". You'll understand what i mean after watching this clip, i just couldn't believe that there are still white supremacist in certain states. Luckily, san francisco does not have that issue, but i've been hearing rumors that there are still the members of the "KKK" living in San Bruno city. Quite scary, but white people have been known to be loco. Anyways i guess this election might be "dooms day" for white people, if Obama wins.
The "must watch" video clip

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haha lol the video GG for obama