Wednesday, December 31, 2008

12-31-08 Happy New Years Eve???

Today we went yum-cha again and later shopped at the serromonte plaza. Afterwards, we went to get some snacks for my dad's workers and then headed over to my cousin simon's house. While we was chillin there, his mom offered us to stay for dinner, so we just ate some Chinese gourmet meal, which i haven't had for almost a week. As for later tonight, there's no plans yet but sars suggested to go check out the fire work.....


Tour de Vegas: Day 2

It's New Years Eve and i just came back from Tommy's Joint with Ramon, it's 12am. It was a really really late night dinner, i guess i had 2 dinners since he offered to treat. Anyways, their food are always good and somewhat on the healthy side, i had BBQ beef brisket, bake beans, and mash potato. So here are some late night pictures of the dinner and shopping with mom(this post refers back to Tuesday's activity).


MattMatt said...

Wow u had lots of fun there!
And lots of food
Are you going to make it back in time for the wedding on saturday?

Danny Tan said...

hey matt, i've been back since yesterday. I'm just posting some of the pictures by days, since theres just too much pictures to upload

jewazi said...

damn did that americanized pho restaurant taste any good?

Danny Tan said...

not that good and is expensive