Wednesday, December 24, 2008


With this toe pain, i've actually been doing a lot of thinking. My thoughts were, "what keeps motivating me to continue suffering this pain, besides my initial intention of running". Then with a quick glance to my left, i remember what kept me going. Here it is, it's the flying pig. Who have really thought of pigs being able to fly?!? Really though, they're only known to eat, sleep, and slobber everywhere. Yet, this flying pig, in my eyes, symbolizes that nothing is impossible. To overcome and succeed beating "the impossible" is actually the most priceless feeling and reward ever. Moreover, i gots to thank the creater of this flying pig =]

It's just one more day until Christmas, how exciting!?!? On the other hand, i woke up to a painful left foot again, which really really sucks. Again, it's the same pain as before, but not as bad. What I'm hoping for over this Christmas is that my foot will heal before Friday afternoon, so i can go Vegas with my friends. As of right now, i woke up to watch MadTV, quite a funny show.


MattMatt said...

hope you feel better
Merry Christmas Eve :)

bbychynadoll said...

oh shizzzz .. first time in vegas...? have fun!

Danny Tan said...

Not the first time, but its been more than +15 years ago lol

jewazi said...

merry xmas and have fun in vegas, you celebrating xmas with poo poo?

Danny Tan said...

Ya Merry Christmas, to yall. Po-po will be coming to our house for dinner, along with paypay and them. Don't know if belle and them are coming over though. We though that yall were coming too but my mom said your family is going over to your dad's relative side to eat, same with matt.