Friday, December 5, 2008


Dinner was gOod, i got me some spicy chicken burrito and customized nacho chips....All that for just $5.15 , pretty good deal for a local Mexican restaurant....Only few hours away until mom makes it back to the SF airport, how exciting!!?!?

I thought this was funny

My good night sleep was terrible yesterday, i couldn't sleep until like 3am yesterday. I think the reason for that was the damn Vietnamese coffee, they're too damn strong but still rich in taste. So lesson learned, do not drink coffee for dinner. As for today, i had to bring the "Great White", aka the humongous GM truck, for an oil change at my uncles shop in Alameda county. The GM is name the Great White because it's obviously white and black, and it gobbles up fuel like wasting running water. Anyways, while i was there, i ate at "The King of Thai" and boy that place+food brings back lots of high school memories. I even ordered the same dish, #17 Stir Fried Flat noodle with beef, bell peppers, and string beans. The first bite of the delicious rich basil flavor had instantly given me a flash back of my entire high school years, "muy delicioso". I'm not even joking about this, my theory is that food can really cure Alzheimer's disease. After enjoying my meal, i spotted a gem while walking back to the garage. I couldn't believe it when i saw it, a mint condition 1965 Shelby Mustang...pure sickness....


Twosidestory said...

good old cars...hmm..sorry..dont like them..=D

Danny Tan said...

Everybody got their own taste but i think classic cars belongs in a separate category from any regular car. Classic cars are pieces of art and history, not to mention this thing is Mr. Clean with hair =]

MattMatt said...

that's some good food=)