Tuesday, December 30, 2008

12-30-08 Tour de Vegas ends

Finally, back and awake from my own fortress. The little vacation wasn't the best trip nor the worst, mainly because my foot hurt throughout the whole trip and i didn't bring enough money(not for gambling reasons). On the other hand, i did have a bunch of fun and enjoyed sighting new things, also learn a little bit about doing business. LOL right, learning about business in Vegas..hehe..it's true though, you learn a lot by speculating. Moreover, i would just like to elaborate about my last day in sin city.

Yesterday was of course our last day at Vegas and it was somewhat of a bitter sweet moment leaving, since it is really like a fantasy land. Vegas is really a place of fantasy; beautiful people, amazing architecture and impressive light scene. What's also real in vegas is that anything can be possible, if you have the money, yet fantasy never last. In addition, i'd just like to say vegas vacation require lots of mullah to have sh*t poppin. Aside from having this 4 days fantasy-like trip, we left Vegas around noon so we could check out an outlet, few miles away from the strip. We ended up shopping there for an hour or so and then had some Carl's Jr while we were there. After lunching at 3pm, we hooped back in the suv and drove the agonizing +8hour back home.

We got back to the city pretty late, around 11:30pm. Since no one ate dinner yet, we all ate at the Chinatown VIP Cafe. While we was there, chowing down, we were already planning our next trip. There isn't a set destination of thing that were doing yet but there are some thoughts about Tahoe, Asia, and Hawaii. I'll be looking for to either of these trip, since it's always fun to have a bunch of people at the same trip. Anyhow, by the time we were done eating and driven everyone home, it was close to 2am. Nevertheless, i did take a bunch a pictures and probably spread out the pictures, by the days in Vegas, throughout this weeks post.

Tour de Vegas: Day 1

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