Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Somehow today seems to be more relaxing and i am feeling much better from the cold. Also i guess it's the Christmas spirit that is getting into me, it just seems like i'm getting more excited as the day comes closer to Christmas. In addition, i'm so excited that my mom will be coming back home in just two days, the family atmosphere just didn't feel complete when she's not with us at home. Anyways i now know what it feels like when you lose a parent or a very important person. Since she went on that trip to New York, our family didn't have a decent dinner, everything either came from safeway or we ate out. The whole last 7 days of dinner wasn't even actual Chinese food...i miss eating my mom's cooking(even though she's not the best cook). Nevertheless, i miss my mom =*]


bbychynadoll said...

yeh dude, I miss my mom too. we've been eating hella awkward stuff lately. we even had to bum some homecooked meal from the Kwans haha

Danny Tan said...