Sunday, December 28, 2008

12-28-08 sin city experimento

It's like the 3rd day in Vegas and i've lost money, $10 whopping dollars to be exact. Anyways our arrival time to Vegas was around 7pm on Friday and we didn't do much that night. Some people were tired, while others went straight to the gambling table. And of course, there were more losers than winners. As for me, my foot actually hurted like crazy the first day, so i just went back to the room right after the buffet dinner. 

As for the second day of Vegas, we just traveled on foot at the strip. The strip was longer than i thought and things there are hella expensive. Needless to say, i didn't buy anything but enjoyed the good food. Oh yeah, the food here ain't cheap either, at lease $20 each meal. Anyhow, you gots to pay to play right?!? Also i've taken bunch of pictures but don't have my wire to upload the pictures, so until i get back there will be some pictures.

Backtrack. I just woke up around 10am today and got me some starbucks coffee. As of right now, i'm just waiting for everyone to get ready and gtfo of this hotel.


bbychynadoll said...

haha can't stay away from that starbucks can u!? ME EITHER! haha, i used to drink it everyday i had to work .. but now that i quit, its too much of a hassle to go to one and i missss itttt

Danny Tan said...

ya i know what you mean