Thursday, December 11, 2008


Some old pictures just sent by ramon

So after dealing with the ticket problem, mom and i went to yum-cha at sunset. After that, we chilled at the ocean beach for awhile and later to serromonte mall. Here are some pictures =]

My friend Wilmer was asking me about going to this UFC fight at vegas, which cost like $150, first i rejected the offer. I used to like wrestling and stuff but lately grew out of it, until i saw this clip a few minutes ago. Before viewing the clip, i should tell viewers that it's got some pretty sick(but real) graphic and not for people with weak stomach.

I did not know Ms World 2007 was i'm hella out dated but GO CHINA!?!?

Thursday again, got me some coffee after driving Andy to school. The plans for today is most likely to go yum-cha with mom again and later pay of this parking ticket, which my dad got when he went out joy riding with my car. I'm still mad about it, it isn't fair that he blamed the ticket on me, when he was the one who took my car out, the violation was that i didn't update my registration sticker even though i already paid for it. Anyways, lesson learnt, don't ever let your parent take your car out and always update your registration sticker, or else it's a $60 fine....

From my mourning cruise on the wonderful internet, i found something very offensive to mexicans. Not that i'm trying to pick on them, but this picture clearly threatens the ice-cream business for mexican. This is an ice-cream truck owned by a Japanese dude, lord have mercy.
(Typical Mexican Ice-cream truck)

(Japanese Ice-cream truck)

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