Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I'm in school right now, but just finished my final early so currently chilling in the fine art computer lab. Rewind for today, first went to go yum-cha with mom and bro, across from classic bowl. Afterwords, mom went to go get some groceries at the manila supermarket. Right after that, i had to drive my mom to my grandma's house and drive myself to school. Apparently, i had two hours left to study, but lets just say my evil side helped me out during the finals...hehe... After the quickie final, i ate at the Cesar Chavez center. It was pretty funny what i had for dinner, mom packed me a "to-go" dinner and it consist of two slices of steak and some rice. I mean the food was great, but then slicing and dicing them steak was a workout(i had plastic utensils) and everyone just be starring at me. I don't know if they envied what i had for dinner or i just looked plain stupid, even though i broke a sweat or two cutting up them steak. Anyways, it's quite a relief when counting down "how much more finals" to go. As of tonight, lets hope everything turns out A OK =]

Did some early net surfing and found this cool music video.

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MattMatt said...

LOL a good workout+ a meal... GG