Saturday, December 13, 2008


A friend just uploaded some pictures, here are some better quality pictures of last night's fun.

Tiramisu for dessert, muy delicioso =]

Just came back from the feast. The best part of the dinner were the crabs, like 5 crabs total and a bunch of other good dishes. I didn't take much pictures of the feast but i did take something before we gobbled up all the food.

It's Saturday and i was at school. I had to go to school for like two hours, some friends and i were just trading answers to the final and studied a little. After that, i had to go pick up my mom from Tanforan mall. Since my mom and I didn't eat lunch yet, we just ate at some Vietnamese place inside the mall. Even the food wasn't "the bomb", my rating for that restaurant was just"ok". As plan goes for tonight, our family will be having another feast at my grandma's place.

While i was filling up the tank, i was quite amazed at what i saw at the gas station. All of the 87 octane gasoline were out of service. In my opinion, i believe the gas station owner just didn't want to supply any more of them cheap gas, since it cost like $15 for a full tank, and they wouldn't make any profit. Or maybe it's just as simple as running out of gas and protest the gas price to go back up???


bbychynadoll said...

check your email for our moms' NY pics!

Danny Tan said...

thanks cuz