Monday, December 29, 2008


Well its about 2am. I'd just like to update on what i did today(yesterday). So after some starbucks and speculating at the gambling table, my friends and i went over to the vegas chinatown. The vegas chinatown isn't like any ordinary chinatown, it's more like 2 large plazas which consist of mainly chinese restaurant,stores, and vietnamese restaurants. While we was there, we just ate at some type of  taiwanese restaurant, where all of the food were spicy and all peppered out. After lunch, we just walked the strip again..... After like 3 hours of walk and chilling at the New York New York and Billagio hotel, we ate dinner at the Harley Davidson Cafe. The food there was alright so were the price. Following dinner, we attended a show at the MGM, called the Crazy Horse. By the time the live show was finished, everyone was tired, so we headed back to the hotel. Again, some gambling addict headed straight to the gambling table, instead of to their hotel rooms. I guess vegas only consist of two type of people, gamblers and tourists. Luckily, i'm the tourist type =]

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bbychynadoll said...

good, stay a tourist.. . but stay the cheap tourist and don't buy dumb keychain crap haha .. don't inhale too much secondhand smoke now!