Thursday, January 1, 2009

1-1-09 Happy New Years!?!?

We just came back from our first 2009 dinner, at a buffet near the airport. It was alright, i think it was called the Beijing Buffet.

Happy New Years
to all my blog followers!?!?! 2008 have finally ended, along with the goods and bad of 08. So this means that this year will be different and will be having new new year resolutions. My 08 resolution was partially completed but still need to continue losing weight in 09, so losing weight is one of my 09 new year resolution. Other resolutions are; graduate from college, get a job, and enjoy 09 to the fullest. That is so far for what i'm planning for. As of the celebration of new years, sars and i went to the pier, for fire work, and then ate at king of thai.

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MattMatt said...

Happy New Year, and good luck with your resolution!