Thursday, January 8, 2009


Returned home not too long ago from the sava pool again. Swimming seems to be more fun, each time i try a new technique of swimming and breathing. I think the correct way of breathing is the key to success, in the swimming portion of the triathlon. Also, i've been hearing that swimming side ways. during each arm rotations, actually help reduce drag and gives the body more aerodynamic. LOL....who knew there's aerodynamic to everything, from a race cars to a triathlon bikes. Anyways, what i've heard crazy is that people said i'm crazy for swimming in such cold weather but what they don't know is that the pools are room temperature set =)
Another long day. Again, i went to the unemployment office with my mom, to deal with her unemployment benefit issue. Luckily, we finally got through the other line to speak with a real representative of EDD, which we've been trying for a whole damn month, and i guess the problem have finally been solved. It is just amazing how slow government paid workers work and at the same time how much they get paid. Anyhow, i had to drive my mom to renew her passport afterwards, near japantown. Since it took her awhile to get her ish done, i just walked around japantown and see what was up to date. I guess the new trend is the "terrorist type scarf", a lot of people is wearing them...what's the next trend? maybe a turbin?!!?


MattMatt said...

Haha, the sava pool i heard from my p.e. teacher is at 80degrees in temp, as well as the other pools in SF

Jacquie said...

lol thats so funny, terrorist scarf. I think those non winter scarves are so annoying :P