Friday, January 30, 2009


Today I got off school early, just a 8-9am chinese class. Chinese class in the mourning is not really a good combination, relatively like walking into a 8am math class...just horrible...As i got off early and got home, my mom wanted me to go exercise with her, just a walk around the neighborhood. In addition, get some lunch with her afterwards. We walked quite a long distance, approximately a total of 3 miles, we walked until she felt hungry and then we just dropped by our local iHop. After lunch, we went to visit grandma and baby Ceres, she's much more cuter than Joyce+Belle(combined). Ceres seems to be growing biggger by the day, but not as fast of a pace as Joyce, no one can top Joyce....sigh...watching Joyce grow and baby sitting her through the years make me feel old, but it's pretty cool watching her evolve from a baby blob to a mini replica of my mom...LOL... Anyways, Joyce, aka paypay, is so cuteeeee

Grandma and her granddaughter(Ceres)

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Jacquie said...

I really love that picture of grandma and grandbaby! you should frame it :)