Friday, January 9, 2009


Russian Hill: I drive by this place all the time but never had the time to appreciate the view and the houses around the area.

Another long day today. Went out to yum-cha with grandma and her children today at New Asia. After brunch, i walked around the entire Chinatown and took some pictures of my childhood hang outs. Snapping these photos really help refresh my childhood memories and what stayed the same and what changed. After some Chinatown traveling, i went up Russian hill to chill for a bit. The view up there is awesome. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Oh yeah, i went swimming again and learn some new techniques.

Chinese Playground: This place brings a lot of memory but the playground structure have changed, the playground use to make up of tires and logs and a lot of used drug utensils

Little Paris: This place use to be shiznit, back in the days, until they jacked up the price and their customer service now suck

Commodore Stocktown Elementary School: This place looks the same, no change at all except more aged. This is also the place where i meet most of my friends and are still keeping in touch with them to this day.

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