Sunday, January 11, 2009


Just came back from dinner with andy. We ate at the local Mexican restaurant, the price is right and the portion is large. When i mean the portion is large, it was like a scene from the show "man vs. wild", where the host have to eat a very large portion. The consequence from going on the burito binge was a very very full stomach and not even the smallest room for dessert. Anyways them mexican sure knows how to do business.

Some recovered pictures from the wedding


jewazi said...

i thought tony went snowboardin

Danny Tan said...

he came back like thursday

Twosidestory said... got someone to match you. Same color.

Danny Tan said...

lol that's my brother, i had black on and he had like a navy blue on...Anyways my cousins were like, "yall look like harry potters" LOL