Monday, January 19, 2009


Just came back from dinner at my family friend's house. The food was awesome and so was the visit. Everyone seems to be growing up so quickly, especially with my good Chinese immigrant friend Benson; aka Ben and Bun-jai-e. Well the story is that Ben is only a year older than me and arrived from Guangzhou about 2-3 years ago. I think during his 2nd year in America, he got some girl knocked up, whose 5 years older than he is, and now became his wife. This is just surprising to see that marriage can really be "hip" nowadays and people gots to adapt fast. Anyhow, i haven't seen his kid for more than a year, since the baby shower, and now he's a handful. His name is Sean and he is very playful, listens people, and is not shy at all(which i like). Why can't all babies be a bit like Sean??! Here's some of the pictures of baby Sean and he really likes to play with musical instruments.

Earlier today, i was shopping with mom and grandma at Chinatown. Everything was going fine, walking through fish stores and such, then i came across this mural. I mean many people have seen this mural, at stockton and pacific street, but somehow i oddly felt offended by this mural. As you look at this picture carefully, with a sense of some Asian American studies background, the mural shows that every chinese have chinky eyes, one of those long wooden stick carriers, and looking like their all opium crackheads. I might be thinking too much, but this damn mural aint fooling me!?!? and it damn sure does not represent the Chinese community in Chinatown....even though there is a degree of truth in this mural...

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