Friday, January 2, 2009


Tour de Vegas: Day 3

Nothing too exciting today, besides chilling with my baby cousins. The updates of the family feud is that paypay gots beef with belle belle, lol these type of drama happens quite early in life. Anyways, nothing serious, just childhood jealousy type of stuff. Anyhow, tomorrow's going to be fun, wedding day!?!?


Twosidestory said...

I do think that most guys are bad people. When a guy want a girl, they will do anything to please her. When a guy have the girl, the guy care no more. haha A new bf? Hard to find one. =D I NEVER see you online. Last time u messaged me on AIM it went to my cellphone and when I reply, you went offline.

Danny Tan said...

Yeah i know what you mean, some guys just don't appreciate their girlfriend. Luckily i'm not that type, as you could see from my blog, i learn to appreciate everything i have and the people in my life. About me not being online, i do go online from time to time but i've been trying to stay away from computers( technologies in general). I just hate the fact that these convenience or leisure products really make us forget the real things in life and how to appreciate the smallest things in life.