Saturday, January 10, 2009


Just came back from a sushi binge. Tony, Ramon, and I ate at Ni-mo, located in burlingame. The food was good but the bill was kind of expensive. While we was eating, Ramon wanted to be crowned the wasabi king, which he needs to consume about a whole two spoon full of "only wasabi" and hold off the drink for 1 minute. He did it only if we each ate half a spoon of wasabi. It was a deal so we did it, i did it with little to no struggle, but tony was about to yack. At the end, he man up and just swallow it with some struggle and took ramon awhile to swallow the wasabi. Anyways, i guess he is so called the "WASABI KING"........of the night only.....LOL

Caution: Ramon said do not try this at home, you will experience extreme heart burn and discomfort. On a side note, pepto bismol should be consumed afterward. Oh yeah, he paid for half of the bill.....LOL

I still think Steve-O's the true wasabi king though

Spent the whole day in sunset today. Mom and I ate lunch at the King of Won Ton Noddle, at Irving. The food was actually pretty good and i would highly recommend this place to people, when their sick or not, everything was very tasty and they serve a decent size. After lunch, we chilled at matt's place for a few hours and snacked again while we was there. During my time at matt's house, i had like this deja vu moment, dayday's doings really reminded me of andy when he was young. I'm not saying that andy no longer does this but he still does, they both consistently switch from gaming to tv and tv back to gaming. I now understand why parents like to stay away from the game sections, when shopping, it's really for their children's own good. Needless to say, games are addictive and plausiblly hurt their learning skills. Anyways, i went for a cycle ride after we got home and did about 8 miles, first time sweating in a long time.

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