Friday, December 31, 2010


Happy New Years Everyone

My reflection of 2010. What can I say, it's been a damn roller coaster, many ups and downs. As much as I have to say, the main highlights for this year was probably the job promotion, investment property and the fulfillment of small things from here and there. The promotion was was somewhat of a good and bad news; positives of the promo was more money and recognition from upper management, negative part was the high stress level and day to day grind. The investment property was nothing but good news, maybe just the time was a bit risky. As far as what sucked for 2010 was my mom's health, mountain of debt, and picking up after Jack's mess. On the other hand, 2010 had been a good year even though it was a very rough year. Hopefully all the BS from 2010 stays there and won't be carried over to the following year. Moreover, there are big plans for 2011; such as moving into my new studio pad, possibly working on a new side project and another advancement within the company. So long 2010, now 2011 just bring it on!

New years resolution
-family remain healthy
-career advancement
-lose weight/tone up
-make a whole lot of money, another investment property, business developement plan
-a gaint leap into adulthood
-2011 to be an extraordinary year

Happy new years eve to everybody! let's end 2010 in a good term....With so much paper work nowadays, I needed a bigger suitcase or matter a fact something that could haul a load of stuff. As a result, kenneth cole will be going into retirement and be replaced by a gucci duffle bag.

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