Monday, December 13, 2010


Was working near daly city earlier today and was about to drop by this Filipino restaurant called "Gateway". They make some bomb ass garlic rice, no joke, blows white rice off the fucken hinges. But guess what? They were closed...what lazy peoples. Anyways, you snooze you lose. So i walked next door to this Columbia/Mexican restaurant, advertisement looked attractive so I mind as well check it out. Boy, they make some bomb as Colombian dishes! shit, i haven't had GOOD Mexican food in a long time. This place is a great place to hit up and the owner was really really nice and down to earth...pretty cool amigo. Only down side, this place was expensive. I never paid so0o much for Mexican food in my life, had to pull out a credit card for this one. When did Mexican food become fine dining??? By the way, was a fucken manager for the day again....pounding headache right about bueno. heading to sleep now.

But before I go to sleep, I must put uncle sam on full blast. OMFG I didn't even receive my bonus pay check yet and I received another semi-annual property tax payment. Shit it hasn't even been 2 months since I made the last payment and uncle sam is already coming up knocking on my doorsteps...smh...Shit this is bad, the bonuses that I've work so damn hard for will all go towards this damn property tax...fuckkin assholes. Now I got to reevaluate and prioritize my cash-flow, this shit really threw me off balance. Seriously damn it, Obama better get me my tax break because this is ridiculous. That's 25% deducted from every pay check, two semi-annual property tax payment, and monthly company insurance benefits. God damn, when did my simple life become this damn hectic and expensive? On top of that, my project vehicle will need to be delayed = [ Some times I just hate growing up so quickly and falling into the higher single tax bracket....seriously who the fuck needs a baby daddy? I need me some government compensation! Paid the cost to be the boss...ROSS

This is dedicated to the county government..."fuck you" by Cee Lo Green

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