Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Damn...Wale be killin it with them deep lyrics...Wale definitely on my top 10 favorite rapper list right about now.

Woke up from the alarm clock+radio and cube was on the radio....just killin it on the west side, smfh. Woke up hella early in the morning again and was heading down to the san mateo dmv. We all hear that this place never have a line and do shit hella fast. Nope not this time, computers were down. Plan B, head down to the daly city dmv, a line looking like it was black friday. Shock my fucken head and bounced. Dayyymmmm, so feed up with government slacking and expecting me to pay my taxes and dues. So frustrated right now, if i see someone I hate today, you might get a throat chop

Was looking into my spending report earlier today and was curious how my contribution may differ from other American. From what this article is showing, it looks like my expense report is very similar to an average American family. But then of course, the sample size may might consist of bias' and other outliers. Any who, the report made me feel old =[ ....article

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