Friday, December 10, 2010


JUST two favorite rappers of all time!?!?

Holly shizzam. It's not even half day yet and it's another spectacular day! Shit, damn, I don't know what to do. All this shit i'm going through is so0o surreal, I feel like i'm dreaming or just came out of a scene of a Manhattan movie. I had no intention of walking into work and have a good day today because i'll be training new bankers and teller. So I haven't seen my manager for like an entire week, which was actually awesome ( only down part is that a banker and I had to hold the store down). So first thing in the morning, manager comes to me said "come to my room and close the door"(in my mind I was like awww shitz). We then had a morning huddle and she gave me an honorable special shout out for all of my hard work and said I should prepare for a promotion...damn, my entire jaw dropped.....I was like no fucken way, what the fuck just happened(normally i get chewed out when it's "come in and close the door". But shit, i'm feeling like a damn million bucks right about now. Strikingly, three days in a row and it's third times the charm! Im so damn overwhelmed with the shit on my plate right now that I just don't know where to start, plus i have 2 day weekend tomorrow! What in the shit is going on, if it's something with "feng shui", then my all means keep it there. Hallelujah!

Just got to do a throw back one time.....

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