Thursday, December 30, 2010


I hate the corporate world.....shit got off work at 8pm, i never get off on time anymore....sigh....Oh well, music therapy session always makes my night better....The harder the grind, the higher the payoff, basic economics. Cudi on full blast!

So first real day back from vacation and I get to have lunch after 5pm. Nothing unusual but what a nice way to welcome me back. Anyhow, it just seems like I have a stack a shit that I have to get processed and get it done for all of my client, I just hope that I haven't missed anyone. I can now truly feel like I'm helping people out, especially helping them through the process of buying their first home ever or even giving them the opportunity to buy things they've never ever imagined to own one day, for example a client who's using their equity to buy a brand new corvette and porsche.Things like this makes my day, especially i'm helping them make their wildest dream come true....I sorta feel like Santa....but of course that shit aint free, matter a fact nothing in life is free....So that to be said, I hope with all my hard work and the shit I have to deal with on a daily basis will pay off, and I hope my path for 2011 will look bright. Better yet, EXTRAORDINARY.....preach to that!


Before I head out to work this came in the mail. All sorts of fancy childhood pins.....i'll be creating something something with them =]

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