Saturday, December 11, 2010


OMFG, best week everrrr. Even on my day off today! I've once again received good news and recognition from work today, even though I wasn't physically working today(but at the branch for store meeting). In addition, my new project car started for the first time! It was a car I picked up at an auction earlier this week. One of the MAIN reason I haven't slept for more than 5 hours each day for the entire week. Even though it's not in the best running condition, she's able to run all by her self. It's a Mazda RX-7, one of my all time dream car, next to the Porsche 911's. Nonetheless, she's a diamond in the rough, beauty under the skin(earth wind and fire).And to top things off with a cherry on top, I've got myself an official date next week with a gorgeous pretty young thang...LOL...(Michael Jackson joke).Anyways, very exited for next week and hopefully it'll be a good entire week. ENCORE POR FAVOR!?!?

the good side...."transformer in disguise"

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