Saturday, December 18, 2010


2010 company Xmas party photo booth, haven't seen this fellow classmate for more than half a decade and now we're working the near future.

Work hard, play hard.

I've been asked countless times "what do I do for a living", example would be at the local Starbucks this mourning, they were curious what I do because they one day they see me in a suit and another day in comfort street cloth...and occasionally I would drop by in the AMG . To simply put it, I work for the bank and I hustle on the side, non-drug related of course. If anybody follows my blog, they would know how hard I grind on a daily fucken bases. I can honestly say that I put my heart and energy to everything I do, "get rich or die trying". What changed my whole perception and mentality of life was a phrase that will always stick in my head, quoted from my ex-manager, "how hungry are you". FuCk, I'm 110% hungry all day. Looking back in life, my family came from the gutter and now we're finally up there. Straight up public school education, state college, no Ivy League or top schools of business...ain't no spoiled prick here. We work hard for our shit, nothing came easy. There ain't no Lotto here or matter a fact any scratchers. We do this shit on a 100% legit. Quote the below.
Uhgg... Up so early but still tired from yesterdays company party. It was actually a great turn out and interesting night. A co worker tried to hook me up with another employee from another branch. It was kind of awkward but still ok I guess. From what I heard from my friend was that she was too shy and does not handle rejection well and afraid that I would turn her down. You may ask why would I turn her down. For the first time, someone thought of me highly...right....she thought that I look too sophisticated for her and that she will never be able to match up to me. I mean seriously, all you got to do is just holler. This situation is still salvageable. But we'll see. May be I had too much "swag" on my game last night. Oh yeah, it's been a while since I've been gazed at multiple times...alright enough rubbing. Upload photos later, gonna go get some breakfast! Good day! Hallelujah!

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