Sunday, December 12, 2010


Not a bad day today. I was able to keep my mom busy today and out of the house. Haven't ate out for breakfast with her in awhile. After breakfast we went over to IKEA and shopped a bit there, bought her some stuff and called it her Christmas present...At least she'll like the gift which was warm blanket and new sheets. Afterward, we shopped for some produce. It's nice to see her up and walking again in public, in addition she's finally in the mood to go pick out produce for herself for the first time in like half a year!?! OMG I was so emotionally touched and happy for her for doing things she "used to could do" i had to take a Kodak moment. Me so proud of moma!

Some gifts from company party, present for myself, and things left sitting on the floor from black friday shopping.....just never had the time to put them away -___-

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