Sunday, February 6, 2011


Jesus walked with me. Damn I'm out of shape; old, heavy,fragile. So I just got back from the event and there was hellaaaar people, more than 10,000 participants. It was actually a great turn out, the weather was nice and there were many supporters out there. The hardest part of the course was the last part where the fucken great highway is. I never realized how long that shit was, pure torture, especially with the smell of sea water( not a good look). Because I haven't trained for this run at all, my legs gave up on me around 10 miles in. For this reason, i walked and half-ass jogged the rest of the course. The last few miles were kind of a struggle, one chick past the fuck out(TKO) on the floor(miles 9) with I-V's hooked up and errthang with paramedics, same with this grandpa (miles 11) shit was fully loaded with medical stuff. And all they wanted to do was get to the finish line...sad.I mean seriously, this is not a fucken race it's a marathon. Like Cube said, "check yourself before you wreck yourself", you got to be mentally strong for this shit(90% mental, 10% physical). Moreover I got do some special shout outs; thanks to all the teeny boopers out there passing out drinks(save my life), thanks to the baconlady who was handing out bacons to the runners(saved my life, i only ate an orange), and lastly to the hawt yellow school bus driver(she had stunaa shades and fishnet on) for saving me from walking another 5 miles to the car. Nonetheless, peace and love. Jesus is my homie.

Finally went through all the chapters for the insurance licensing test. It's 12am, time to get mentally prepared for the kaiser half marathon run in 7 hours. lord give me power, give me strength, let me make it to the finish line. preach.

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