Friday, February 4, 2011


My day at work. Friday dress code, casual...sweeettttt. Work view. Maximize photo to view for awesomeness.

Day begins like this. Good morning world. Day.

Crocker Galleria- hotter than hot spicy chicken, bean,and er-thang in a's some serious stuff, way spicy for my taste. Trust me I eat spicy. This this shit right here is like a shot of habanero x2. We all need some spice in our lives. Nonetheless, it got my sweatin.

Off work.Good bye world.

Jack wanted to play for a moment after I got home...I think Jack has A.D.D.

Thank God it's Friday. Its friday, going to get off work at 5 which i haven't had that since the merger. It's pay day with the quarterly comp. Ooohhhwwweeee, days like this are a rarity. I'mma make it thunder stone.

Life is a gamble and I’m all about my poker chips
Do you want a dose of this
I will make the most of this
F is for fer-o-cious
Murder your associates
The top is so appropriate
This is just where I belong


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