Sunday, February 20, 2011


I'm glad things turned out the way it did. preach.

"All my homies ain’t my homies,
hell, my friends no longer want me,
im still hungry as I was when I did my first live performance,
things I got I know they want it,
things I done, they haven’t done it,
tho they say that they my friends
I know that these n-ggas opponent
we can joke and laugh and party
but I know their smiles are phoney,
but I still pray that the Lord give em all the things they wanted,
all the money in the World can’t get the joy I’m felling homie,
like the (third date) with a woman like you and not for your money,
you can help someone and love someone but still they turn and burn you
so i warn you in advance watch out cuz so called friends will con you,
Think MJG said it best “when will I ever know?” who my friends through thick and thin cuz so called friends can turn to foes."

This looks so much fun, I might just need to hit this place up!!!

Sunday, it's finally sunny!

Monday, Valentine at the lobby.

Cubicle life.

Tuesday. Miyabi Sushi 2Go.Korean plate, bi bim bap with grilled beef

home to jack.

Wensday.Forgot the name of the place but they make some bomb ass Japanese curry. Had the veggi+tofu curry plate extra spicy. yum.

It was hailing like crazy. felt like the sky was about to fall. balcony.

Thursday. 360 gourmet burrito. special combo play; 2 taco and the reg.

Friday. Work 1 1/2 early. Only one on the lot. Grand Hustle.

Lunch at Yank Sing. Place is located at the Riccon Center at the sf embarcadero. Place is hella good and the hot sauce there was like crack. addictive.

Later that night, went to grab something something to eat with my old co-worker., she filled me in with a whole bunch of shit like back in the good old days,'09. Dropped by La Corina again, going to be my new SPOT, it's that good. Had fried calimari, eggplant salid and artichoke soup.

Guest without a face.

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