Saturday, February 12, 2011


Friday, .later that night. This chick right here wanted to challenge me on the court and believed that I was bluffing that I can go MJ on the badminton court. Doesn't matter whether I have a tennis racket or a badminton, skills is skills, that's what I told her because I ain't got myself a "badminton racket". Anyhow, when we got there, Bay Badminton Center, this place was packed with all Chinese people...smfh..oh well blended in with the crowd. So on the battle ground, you know I would always let the ladies get their fame first. Be a gentlemen...That was until she clowned me on the court left and right. Oh no she did'ent. So I had to put on my game face. I be all over the court, straight zipping left and right, weaving through lanes, on the court like Imma do an and1 stunt. All in all, I must admit this lil chick right here is fast+feisty and got skills. She had my blood level rising, usually doesn't happen when it comes to sports against a female. Kind of brought back memories when this other chick claim that she would whoop me on the table tennis half a decade back, which she did(ain't mad), I just had to be a gentlemen and hand it to her. Nonetheless, she ain't got me sweatin on the court, it was just hot in there(no windows).

Following the quick warm up, had a hearty dinner with some homies. We hit up La Collina Restaurante, Italian restaurant. I call it "I-Ta-Lian" and I got clowned on by my co-workers, they just hate because I enunciate. Anyways, food was superb. The theme of the restaurant was real old fashion Italy and they had some gangster ass godfather mafia music on the background. straight g'n to the max. Will definitely hit that place again soon.

What we got from the menu:
1)Istalata Di Spinacio
2)Linguine Alla Cozze E Vongole (had to do a double take, had this in Italy and it was bombtastic)
3)Petto Di Pollo All Parmesan (breaded chicken with parmesan and mazzarella cheese and sauce)
4)Traditional Lasagna (ground beef and meat sauce)

Walked over to 100% Healthy dessert and chopped things up a few hours. Then called it a night.

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