Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Last day at the branch before heading off to investment.

Free lunch for being top producing branch in the district. Superstar(filipino food): beef steak, hk style fried porkchop and garlic rice

Ice-cream cake, celebrating the promo

For those who know, today we're all suppose to come home early and celebrate lunar new year dinner with the family. In my case, I didn't get home til 9 because I had a shit load of things to catch up with before I could leave the branch peacefully. For this reason, the family had celebrated without me. I wish I was able to celebrate with them, I still slap myself for not getting home early and sacrificing my time at work...such a deucebag...Anyways, here I am celebrating with myself and the TV...cold bueno. Happy Chinese New Year.

2011 keep it truckin

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