Sunday, July 5, 2009


A Polaroid photo when i was at time square new york.
Yesterday was fun, once I got off the plane I had to take a taxi home(not too far of a ride from home). Since I was so hungry and wanted some Chinese cuisine so badly, I went to tag along with my parent+their friends and went to yum-cha. I felt so nice to have some real Chinese food and tea, it's nice being back home(with all the food portion and reasonable price). Anyhow, later that day I had dinner with my relative, it was my aunt's birthday. Following a fulfilling dinner, we all went to watch firework. For the first time in years, the firework at pier 39 is visable. Sadly i only stuck around for the first 10 minutes of the firework and the second half i fell asleep...jetlag sucks...Anyhow, it felt really nice to be back for 4th of July and able to celebrate this holiday with my family.

Here are some of the pictures of me staying at the Italy airport.

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