Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Haven't been blogging for awhile...maybe because there isn't any interesting coming up lately. Yet I've been thinking about one thing, it's a complicated situation which deals with a life and death situation. So lets just say there's this one girl whose all of the sudden gotten sick from a random infection and has to stay in the hospital for several weeks. While the doctor was scanning what was wrong with her , the doctor informs her that she's pregnant. The complication with this situation is that there might be a chance that the mother's sickness may affect the child's health. For this reason, would it be harsh/evil to not want the baby. I always thought the these situations comes up only in drama series and in the news, such as cases of euthanasia and abortion. But looking at it this way(long-term wise), the cost of medication and possibly affect the child learning capability. Furthermore, would it be evil to make certain decisions where you'll have to take away someone's life so it'll be less painful for the future???

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