Sunday, July 26, 2009


What a mourning, just return home from the county jail. My first time visit was quite an interesting experience, much like Akon's music video "Locked up" (with the orange jumpsuit and gated buses). Anyhow my friend K. told us that he's doing well, i told him he looked more "ying" since he's been there and because he shaved his head. Since he was there he told me he's been reading some novels and doing 200 push up's a day. I guess serving time really just wants the inmates to reflect at their wrong doings and looking at it as a long long time out. The isolation from our communication was with the bulletproof window and telephone. An interesting sight i've noticed was that there was a new born baby and the baby's mom, going to visit the baby's father. This sight was like a movie, we all have watched movies where the dad is in jail and misses part of the baby's life, but this time it was in Blue-ray style. Anyhow, this visit to the county jail was sort of a wake up call indicating that anything can happen and it's best to avoid stupid situations.

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