Saturday, July 25, 2009


Late night entry. Just came home from a long day of fun. Today I spent about 8 hours at Great America theme park with bunch of my friends. A lot had been accomplished today, such as rides which i thought i would never be able to ride; the drop zone and demon. I thought i would never get on the drop zone, mainly because it looks so high up and scary. But i guess i wanted to take the challenge today, thinking that this thrill ride would help prepare me for a sky diving experience (one day). After that ride, I think I somewhat lost my voice (due to extremely loud b*tch-like scream). Anyhow, demon was also a ride i thought i would never get on but wanted to live life on the edge at the moment(i've heard many news about people dying and getting stuck on this ride). Luckily, I got through this ride safe and sound. But i still feel dizzy from all the whiplash, i think i've probably lost a bunch of brain cells from all the movements of the brain. Oh yeah, while I was at the theme park I've noticed a lot of college student/student workers and it had me thinking. Recently i've watched a comedy movie called "Adventureland" and those young employee's just really reminded me of that movie( which was about college student's finding a summer job at an amusement park to help pay for their school tuition). Uh besides a long day in the sun and dose of adrenaline rush, i must take a good night sleep and be able to wake up early tomorrow mourning. I got to wake up early tomorrow because couple of my friend and I will go visit my friend whose in jail.

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