Thursday, July 16, 2009


aHhh summer break is about half way over and the weather's going to suck soon again, sigh. Sometimes i miss going back to school, i never really figured out why until i had this conversation with my friend J. a few days ago. So the reason why i might miss going to school is it provides a guide for people like me, who prefers to have daily objectives and task to follow. However, now post college life, I feel lost because there isn't any objectives to follow and execute. Yet I also hate to wake up 7 in the mourning everyday but i do miss my daily cup of Joe though. Anyways, i guess it's a bittersweet thing with school and I, no relationship is perfect right??? Oh well enough about the topic of school. Since I didn't want to end my summer break "boring-like" I wanted to find something fun to do. Few hours ago i was talking to one of my high school friend(facebook) and he was going to a food challenge, a ginormous bowl of Pho, this place is located at San Francisco's Richmond district called "Pho Garden". I've always been interested in taking one of these challenges, since I've seen numerous episodes of these challenges on TV(Adam Richmond's Man vs. Food), that is until I did some research online about this challenge. OMFG, i could not believe how freaking big the serving portion size was, it can literally feed a family of 5. However, that is the main point of taking the food challenge. I think I might have to think this over before even planning to take this challenge =[

Objective:2 pounds of noodles and 2 pounds of combination beef with tripe
Rules: 1 hour ,must eat all noodles and combination beef with tripe to successfully beat the Pho Garden Challenge.
Reward: Hang an 8x10in personal photo of you on the wall of Pho Garden Champions and free meal.

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