Monday, July 27, 2009


Just came back from a short mountain run/drive. The funny thing was before I even got to the winding roads, i got pulled over by a lady cop aka ah-madam. But of course I used my intelligence to get out of a potential large fine. So what had happen was that the officer caught me speeding at a residential zone. So she asked me if i knew why I was pulled over and of course I went into "stupid/clueless mode" and said "No". I went into "stupid/clueless mode" because it's the best way to avoid anything and punishing a dumb person with a large fine is harsh and senseless. Anyhow, she asked me if i knew what the speed limit was and i responded "25", then she corrected me and said "20" and clocked me at "45". Then I put on my acting skills, much thanks to all the TVB series and said, "oh really, i had no idea i was going way past the speed limit"(with the hand gestures). After checking my license and registration, she just let me off and said she'll ticket me if I went over the limit again. It's funny how I was over more then twice the speed limit and got off so smoothly. Anyways i think part of my charm and good looks had help got me off this ticket....LOL...

An example of what a winding road looks like, similar to the course I was driving on. People might not know why some of these driving roads are fun, while others like myself do. To keep things short, it's fun to drive on these road, tests' your driving skills and the capability of your car.

Odd but creative short film, made in China.

Water Brain Complete Edition(16:9) from Johann.Poo on Vimeo.

Had some breakfast with grandma and mom today, she stayed over at our house last night and will be staying for one more night. Grandma's taking a short vacation from baby sitting Ceres and Paypay, sometimes even women thinks that there's too much estrogen in the house.

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