Friday, July 17, 2009


It's finally Friday, how fun. Fridays are supposedly be the most anticipated day of the week, but somebody/person said isn't it like Friday everyday for me??? I didn't know if i should of been offended or not, because she said I don't have a J-O-B, it made me think for awhile. Usually when Friday approaches(when i had school), I looked forward to that day everday because the next day i could relax and go all out on this Friday night, but now approaching Friday is still desirable but my utility is smaller then when Friday was approaching during school time. Anyways, i just think Friday is like a church Sunday for me because it always feels like a 3 day weekend on Fridays. So whats up for today??? Defiantly thought about the Pho-king challenge but my appetite just got smaller when I saw how big the portion was. So the activity for today/tonight is a backyard BBQ (last minute thing), what's summer without a BBQ right?!?

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