Sunday, January 3, 2010


Sunday. The mourning began like any other good Sunday which is a sunny blue sky and a somewhat of a chilly weather. Since the sun was out and the floors were dried, I begun my day with a 5 mile run. It was a quite a breeze running through the streets of Millbre, where the streets were clear and minimal cars drove past(natural fresh air). Following the mourning exercise, the family and I had some breakfast/lunch at the local Vietnamese restaurant. Immediately after lunch, we had to get dress and attend a funeral of an in-law's parent who had just past away recently. There was obviously grieving at the ceremony. Even though I haven't personally got to know him(only met him a few time), I can tell by the speeches which were spoken about his life that he was a very generous and loving grandfather. Furthermore, life is too short so we should all make the best out of it. I wish the best to the Hom family.

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