Friday, January 22, 2010


Yay Friday is over, finally another two day weekend. So what will I be doing on my off day tomorrow? Well, my co-worker invited me to go to church with her tomorrow. I actually never been in an actual church prayer/session-thingy before. The most awkward part of my voluntary visit will be that I'll be the minority at the church because I was told that it's a "black" church, located near the Fillmore district. I first hesitated about attending to this so called "invitation" but I will remain open minded and try not to be ignorant about majority/minority when it comes to visiting Mr. G. and his son Jesus. Because I will be entering an unknown territory tomorrow, I told my co-worker that my theft deterrent will be bringing less cash and wear more cloths. Nonetheless, she agreed that it'll be a good suggestion. So0o I'll just have to see how tomorrow will turn out =]

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