Saturday, January 2, 2010


As we all know, a new year literally means a brand new fresh beginning. What I've had going in 2009 will definitely be left behind in the past, stored along with the previous years in my memories or as of what I can still remember. Anyhow, I hope 2010 will be one of the greatest years to come because I've finally lift a long heavy burden which I've been carrying for the past few years. It was a burden of loyalty, emotional attachment, and an optimistic view which I had strongly believed in and repeatedly fell knees weakened for. However, truth had been told and gray areas had been darkened and vision clearer than ever. There will be definitely changes in 2010. Although I will remain as a person with optimistic view, I'll no longer be a naive person with strong emotional attachment. Not saying that I'll be a senseless person, but I be getting use to the phrase "when to let go and move on". I didn't want to end this entry on a sad note, so I wish myself good luck and meet all of my new years resolution. In short for new years resolution; get healthy/fit, get hired in my desired career path, encounter that new special someone who I will be able to share my passion with, and wish my entire family to be strong and healthy. Best of luck in 2010 and may all of these wishes become true.

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