Saturday, January 23, 2010


Saturday, day off. Went to the Chinese temple over at Richmond district, had to go to the temple on this particular day because according to the Chinese zodiac that there might be some bad luck for those who are ox and goat. Even though I am neither, I was just there for my brothers. Afterwards, I attended the S.F. Philadephian SDA Church and met up with my co-worker. I didn't know what I was actually getting into, I thought we just had to listen to someone preach but it was actually bible study. So I got to met Pastor David, who basically lectured a small group of believers. Today's lecture was specifically about the time frame of Jesus being crucified and the separation of divinity and feelings of an ordinary man. It kind of suck that the pastor ended the session just then and there, it was pretty interesting much like chasing TVB series. A line which really stuck to me was, "God's intention is not to bring us around good time but to bring us THROUGH bad time". I think I finally understand why many people find their religion in prison or at their lowest point in their life, it's because God's spiritual belief are what help keep them sane, prime example is Malcolm X. On the other hand, I must say Christianity is pretty interesting, but I'm not going to say that I'll convert anytime soon. It's just that I like how they find deeper understanding to life and how they have strong spiritual upkeep. I guess I'm just a fan of Jesus and motivation.

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