Monday, February 23, 2009


I'm currently in school and it is hella boring. My day started out by taking a chinese 101 written quiz, which was hella hard, i feel stupid for scoring lower points than the white guy who sits next to me....sad, i know and disgrace to the Chinese people....After that test, i have a long 5 hour break and it's still not over yet(currently in the computer lab). In like 30 minutes, i will have to go check in to my women studies/raza class, which basically is a class of about 40 girls and 10 dudes, expressing their feminist movement ideology. Those girls really sound like they're all against the world and everybody owes it to them. Not that i want to be in that class, but it's the easiest class within the segment III category.

Enough about my rant of the day. Recently, I've been trying to learn more Chinese through youtube. You might be like "wtf, this guy be retarded", but hey that's how i learn to swim and it worked. So my method of learning Chinese is basically watch and listen to Hong Kong music video(with captions). The specific artist i've been listening to is this old school band called "Beyond", which i've been hearing about within these few years. Even though they've been out for more than 2 decades, i never really checked out their music nor knew who they were. So i finally saw what people was raving about and indeed they're the shiznit. I mean their music are quite distanced from Ekin Cheung and Nicolas Tse, but they're music consist of deeper meanings in their lyrics and i guess the originator of light Chinese rock music. Anyhow check them out, it's worth your time =]

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