Monday, February 2, 2009


Today, there's not much on my mind to blog about. As far as what's been happening at school is that there will be lots of work this semester, mainly with bunch of essays and research papers. I am currently struggling with writing, due to the fact that I haven't been writing research papers and analysis paper for several semesters. So this semester will be quite challenging and hopefully it'll be my last semester in college. That's right, i might be graduating this semester(if i pass all my classes). Anyhow, i finally took some time off to fill out the graduation forms and got all the signatures from my economic adviser and chairman of economics department. Hopefully everything will go well this semester and finally get some real work done in the real world.

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我就是另一个你 said...

Love the pic. you can really touch the sky !~
Wish happy new year~