Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I knew dog meat is available in China, but never on my mind did i come across having kittens on the menu. Strange but true story....poor kittens....

Just got home from night class. There hasn't not much on my mind, just been really busy with an economic analysis paper. Just when I spent days finishing up the one paper, which I've just turned in, i got another one due a week from today. Anyways, this last semester consist of lots of writing and reading. About reading, i took some time off on this paper and went to check out other people's blog. What i came across was pretty interesting, yet also disturbing. On this other person's blog, there was a video clip of a 2-year old boy smoking a cigarette. Not because it's a 2-year old boy smoking, which i 've seen before on another blog, this boy looked like a professional smoker. Nevertheless, i think it is just wrong that his parents allowed and encouraged the kid to smoke.
"2-year old smoking a cig"

"Another Asian boy smoking a cig"

Bored in the foreign language computer lab...Today's going to be a long day, will be in school from 8am-10pm =[ .....


MattMatt said...

doing mandarin?

Danny Tan said...

yup, learning a new language at my age sucks